Everything within reach

My name is Dinne van der Vlis. I paint from movement and intuiton, according to the method The Timesless Hour, designed by Dutch artist and painter Michiel Czn Dhont. I stand in front of the canvas and I just start. I paint with my hands and with brushes, I use lots of paint and color. I like large sizes.

Michiel Czn Dhont about my paintings: “The work radiates movement, color and an earthy character. It fills space with pure life energy.”

I take pictures of details and the results in print deliver new images.
Originally my profession is film making. Besides that and besides the paintings and the prints, photography and poetry are the newest means of expressing myself.

Art for me is a journey through the endless universe in which I exist and also through the endless universe inside myself. In 2014 I got rid of most of my material belongings and left my housboat, all of that to be able to move more freely. There is lots of new space and I am excited about and curious for the things that want to happen now….